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You think Next is hard to get into now? Here Comes El Bulli.

January 06 2012 - 10:39 AM

Next made a huge splash with their unorthodox ticket sales and changing concepts. Shortly they’ll be going from Childhood to El Bulli… that’s more than just a big conceptual shift. The menu will expand to 20 courses with drinks. There will be only one seating a night. (Per Eater’s calculation) Tickets will $473 per person.

This menu prompts all sorts of thoughts… is copying creative? Is it intellectual property theft? Hasn’t it already been done? (Google El Bulli tribute dinners). Where other restaurants have had El Bulli menus for a night or two this is ongoing and was done with Adria’s blessing… and, apparantly, tableware.

What really does make this interesting is that it’s being done for an extended period of time. While anyone can try to pull off an El Bulli menu once, to do it over time means it will have to be right. Considering the relationship between Achatz and Adria, and the talent in the kitchen, it may be an expensive night out but it also sounds like it could be money well spent.