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SOLD OUT – "Unique Dinner Series: 16 Courses of Black" at Moto

January 09 2012 - 8:56 AM

Moto_dinnerThe Chicago Foodies "Unique Dinner Series" was created to give Chicago chefs creative license to take risks that they would not otherwise take at their restaurants. Chefs are challenged to step outside of their own culinary box, resulting in a wildly innovative culinary experience.

The series kicks-off at Moto with "16 Courses of Black" prepared by Chef Cantu and his team including Chef Ben Roche as well as their Top Chef contestants Chris Jones and Ritchie Farina.

This exclusive engagement is limited to 24 diners on January 28th at 6PM in the Moto Lab. Diners will experience a progression of flavors, textures and ingredients – all in achromatic black.

16 courses with wine pairings – $225 plus tax. For reservations email your request to: