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Publican Quality Meats to Open Next Week, Minus the Meat at First

January 31 2012 - 10:15 AM

If you've dined at The Publican, you can begin to imagine what Paul Kahan and crew could do with a butcher shop. The much-awaited store, located just across from The Publican on Fulton Market, will open February 6, but won't begin selling prime cuts of meat, housemade sausage and charcuterie until mid-February. Though it's a priarily butcher shop, Publican Quality Meats has been relatively silent on what types of meat they'll be serving: Yes, it will be prime, but they haven't announced which farmers they'll source from, or whether they'll be using whole or quarter animals like Rob and Allie Leavitt do at The Butcher & Larder. (**See Editor's Update below.)

In the meantime, the shelves will be stocked with bread and groceries like eggs, olive oil, and milk. The bread will be made on premise by baker Ehsan Ganji, who has owned a company called Ahwahnee Bread since last year. As for what you'll find once the meat counter opens, Publican Quality Meats has released a teaser video of some butchery, but it's really only worth watching for the soundtrack:

Publican Quality Meats teaser #1 by Biz 3 Media from Biz3 Media on Vimeo.

 **Editor's Update: Paul Kahan tells Chicago Foodies that Publican Quality Meats plans to break down whole pigs, quarter steers and whole lambs, both grass- and grain-fed, including off-cuts of meat.

–Kate Bernot