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Rogue Raw Milk Activists Stage Freedom Ride Today

December 08 2011 - 11:42 AM

Raw Milk Freedom RidersOn the spectrum of beverages, beginning with Four Loko at the "revolting and dangerous" end, and ending with filtered mountain spring water at the "pure and natural" end, milk generally errs on the wholesome side of things. Apparently that doesn't include raw milk, whose sale and distribution is prohibited by state and federal laws. A feisty group of unpasteurized milk lovers, the Raw Milk Freedom Riders, are thumbing their noses at the FDA this afternoon as they stage a (probably illegal) interstate raw milk transport and rally. After returning from Wisconsin with the contraband, the Riders will hold a demonstration at noon in Independence Park with milk, cookies, and a visit from raw milk activist Max Kane. If you're looking for a new cause after the disbanding of some of the Occupy protests, head down there and toast to dairy freedom.