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Prairie Fire to Close Abruptly Tomorrow

December 20 2011 - 11:39 AM

Sarah Stegner Prairie Fire closesThere are a few Chicago chefs who believed in farm-to-table before it was a buzzword, and Sarah Stegner was one of their undeniable leaders. A founder of the Green City Market, Stegner shared her passion for local food at her Northbrook restaurant, Prairie Grass Cafe, and its West Loop sibling, Prairie Fire. Yesterday, The Tribune reported that after almost two years in business, Prairie Fire will close its doors after lunch service on Wednesday.

Though located near über hotspots like Blackbird and Girl & The Goat, Prairie Fire was just far enough off Randolph to miss out on the foot traffic. Stegner, while quietly extoling the virtues of locally-grown products (even going as far as to use produce from her own backyard garden at Prairie Fire), never quite hogged the media spotlight long enough to draw diners away from the flashier restaurants nearby. Fans of her satisfying, seasonal cooking can still get their fix at Prairie Grass in Northbrook, which continues to do well. Luckily, this won't be the last that Chicago sees of Stegner; she tells The Trib, "We'll open another restaurant. I'm not sure where, but we will."