Dark Horse Boffo Brown Ale

December 07 2011 - 1:31 PM

Boffo_brownI'm having home made moussaka for dinner and was trying to figure out what beer would pair with the sweet and creamy-spicy eggplant-potato casserole. I have a nice stockpile of stouts which would certainly elbow into the flavor party but might not do much to reset or cleanse a palate. I also have a New Glarus Double IPA that I love but would be too bright to fit well with the allspice and sweet. Lingering at the back of my fridge, the Boffo Brown from Dark Horse sounded perfect. A gift from our esteemed Beer Editor M.Sheppard, it promises a rich flavor that should keep "creamy" in mind but still be able to re-pave over the rich moussaka.

I'm not a huge brown ale drinker but this specimen has a very light nose, more beery than anything with hints of carmel- but nothing more than hints. The light viscous flavors are definitely there. Given the little forwarning, you are rewarded by touches of raisin, cola and fresh oak. It drinks like a thin coffee and with barely any head; the crema on my cup of nespresso is bigger. The lingering bitterness is exactly what I like to really scrape the paint off my palate. It's refreshing and dangerously drinkable. I assumed it to be a sessionable 4 and change but it tips out at 6.5% which boozier than I expected given its crisp nature.

It's a surprisingly perfect dinner beer. I know people praise Goose Island's Matilda as such but Boffo gives it a run for its money. The only glaring downside is their label. God knows what that's all about.

Dark Horse Brewing Company
Boffo Brown Ale
6.5% Alcohol
Marshall, MI

–Josh Brusin