Brooklyn's Brewing's Shackmeister Ale And New York's Shake Shack

December 30 2011 - 11:57 AM

I have returned from a visit to my beloved Big Apple with a report on a beer whose parent restaurant is far more interesting than the beer itself.  I'm talking about the Brooklyn Brewing Shackmeister Ale served at the incredible Shake Shack in New York.  Here's a bit of my review which you can read in full at my beer blog

"Yet, as a beer fan, one of my main purposes in visiting this establishment was to try Brooklyn Brewing's Shackmeister Ale, a beer which I have known for years to have been brewed specifically for the Shake Shack.  The Shack sells you a pint of Shackmeister for around $5.  That's reasonable.  During my first of two visits to the Shack, I dined at the 8th Avenue location. The line was short when I got there and grew incredibly long as I waited on my meal, snaking around an airport ticketing type of adjustable canvas rope divider.   I drank my Shackmeister while waiting out my to-go order."

Enjoy it and let me know what you think or if you have had any Shack Shack experiences of your own. 

Shake Shack has already expanded to at least 5 New York City locations and is in Florida too.  Like Five Guys, I hope they find their way to Chicago per the rumors, and bring the same level of quality here.

–M. Sheppard