Bittercube Bitters Rescue Blah Holiday Cocktails

December 23 2011 - 9:28 AM

BittercubeOh, Aunt Maggie's making Christmas morning mimosas….again? Nothing against the tried-and-true line-up of holiday cocktails (Tom and Jerry, anyone?), but because most people have a few days off this week, it's a great time to experiment a bit with drinks and whip up some new winter favorites. One barrier to mixing up new cocktails is the investment in alcohols and liquers, which can be a pricey move when you're not sure you're going to like the flavors. In terms of bang for your buck, bitters are a great way to use alcohol you already have, while allowing you to churn out new and different cocktails for your guests. If you want to keep it local, look no further than Bittercube, a line of small-batch, slow-crafted bitters from Milwaukee.

I was first introduced to Nicholas Kosevich and Ira Koplowitz, the duo behind Bittercube, at Dose Market a few months ago. Amid all the smells, tastes, and free samples I was assaulted with that day, their products stood out. If Koplowitz's name sounds familiar, it's because he was a bartender and manager at Violet Hour, which is as great a name as you can drop in the cocktail world. In 2009, he joined Kosevich, a Minneapolis bartender, and created Bittercube, which now produces six varities of bitters in addition to cocktail consulting.

The varieties—cherry bark vanilla, Jamaican #1 and #2, orange, Bolivar, and Blackstrap—are suited for drinks as diverse as champagne, egg white cocktails, whiskeys, gimlets, and more. If you want to get really fancy, or just give a cocktail nerd the ultimate holiday gift, order some of the limited-edition lemon tree or barrel-aged blood orange bitters from the Bittercube website. And don't let a lack of inspiration hinder you; just type in the type of alcohol you have on hand and Bittercube's website will suggest some recipes. If you need the bitters ASAP, pick them up at Binny's, and you'll be well on your way to stocking your holiday party survival kit.