Time to Buy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Turkeys LOCALLY!

November 17 2011 - 11:38 AM

Narragansett turkeyJust because you've waited until now to even consider your Thanksgiving turkey doesn't mean you're stuck with a frozen Butterball behemoth. The kind folks over at Slow Food Chicago have compiled a handy list of local farmers who are still accepting orders for Thanksgiving, with options from delivery to pick-up, fresh to smoked.

Most of the farms on the list raise pastured, hormone-free, organic birds at prices starting around $3 per pound. Turkeys from Mint Creek Farms, Caveny Farms, and TJ's Pasture Free-Range Poultry will be available for pick-up at Green City Market this Saturday, while Midnight Sun Farms will be at the Glencoe Farmers Market this weekend.

Still too much work? Mint Creek Farms will deliver your fresh, cold-packed turkey to your house for an additional fee. Whether you're looking for a classic broad-breasted white turkey or a heritage breed like Narraganset or Bourbon Red, the Slow Food list is a resource you should bookmark for Thanksgiving and December holidays.