2006 Josmeyer Le Dragon Riesling

November 10 2011 - 8:23 AM

Josmeyer is one of my favorite wine producers from Alsace.  Never on the big or showy side, it produces steely, concentrated, and well-balanced wines without much residual sweetness or generous acidity.

I procured a bottle of the Le Dragon on sale for $30 at House of Glunz. For the price it was good value; it had a characteristic limestone nose and a color half way between straw and gold, with flavors of limes and passion fruit with a touch of tangerine, some oiliness, and a nice expression of terroir.  It is a fun wine to let your tongue play trampoline and feel the varied notes of acid, oil, velvet and density.

The 2006 is 13 percent alcohol, and I noticed that more recent vintages have lower alcohol–albeit with some additional sweetness.   Creeping sweetness is problematic in Alsace, mainly because the reputation of the region centers around bone-dry white wines that are have much less residual sugar than many reds in the New World.   I hope that, over time, winemakers like Josmeyer remain true to their roots.

–Brian Ziegler