Pops for Prosecco

September 21 2011 - 9:30 AM

Most people overlook Prosecco. There's wine…and then there's Champagne. Isn't that it? Prosecco is actually a delicious sparkling wine that comes from specific regions in Italy; Prosecco is made from the Glera grape and has now become the designation.  If you aren't sure if you like Prosecco, there's no better place to test out the waters than Pops for Champagne. The River North establishment is full of sophisticated sippers having intimate conversations. 

The Adami Prosecco tasting I attended definitely fulfilled my expectations – and even included some addicting cheeses. From what I had tasted previously, Champagne and Prosecco seemed fairly one note. This is not so. I enjoyed trying out a still Prosecco that tasted much like any good Pinot grigio. Brute Prosecco, while not my favorite, is enjoyed by many who enjoy a strong, sweet flavor. 

I would highly recommend Adami's Dei Casel Extra Dry. It just has a unique flavor, and you want to keep on enjoying it. It's easy to tell the softer varieties just by the smell alone. They have a much smoother mouthfeel and are easy to drink.

From asking around at the tasting, I found out that while cheaper Proseccos are definitely enjoyable, you will get a much more complex flavor by investing even in a $20 bottle. The Adami family is very precise with their bottling and the fermenting process. For a sparkling wine so labor intensive to make, it's incredible you can find it at Binny's. 

My favorite tidbit of information I learned from the evening is that Prosecco is surprisingly simple to pair with food. Prosecco with food? It's actually a great idea. Vietnamese food or Thai curries are perfect pairing options. The sparkling wine won't overwhelm the strong flavors of the food. 

Are you convinced yet? Go out and buy a bottle to enjoy at your next special dinner – or the next time you order takeout. 

–Marly Schuman