Get a "Free Starbucks" from Jonathanscard

August 08 2011 - 11:38 AM

Sbux-card It's funny… "One More Cup of Coffee" is playing on Pandora as I type this… (Stripes version)

A guy named Jonathan Stark posted live access to his Starbuck's coffee card.  It's right here… You're free to use it for whatever you want. You're also encouraged to add some dough to it if you choose. I'm not sure how it will turn out but it's a nice, albeit trusting, idea for sure.

This picture will get you coffee… What to do with it? From his website:

Wanna be cool?Post a public mention to @jonathanscard with any of the following:

  • A tweet of what you bought
  • A pic of your Starbucks location
  • A pic of your coffee
  • A pic of your receipt

Wanna be super cool?When you have some extra cash, give a coffee to someone in need and enjoy massive karma points.

…and let us know how it works here as well!