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Chef Curtis Duffy to Leave 2 Michelin Starred Avenues

July 13 2011 - 4:12 PM

One of my favorite dishes of all time may be a sunflower broth and mixed nut and seed course that Chef Curtis Duffy serves on his Avenues menu. In my mind it's richness and complexity is unique and can easily work to justify Avenue's 2 Michelin stars.

However those Michelin stars may almost be a curse. L2O Chef Laurent Gras left just as L2O received it's 3 stars. Now Curtis Duffy is leaving Avenues and its 2 stars. His predecessor, Graham Elliot Bowles, left Avenues to open Graham Elliot which has 1 star at the moment. Given Chef Elliot's tone change, from the austere Penninsula to his rock and roll, almost casual, digs, perhaps Duffy is looking to make a more distinct statement as well.

Where else to make that statement? The proposed location of the new spot is, no shocker, the West Loop. As to what his particular plans are, according to his conversation with the Tribune, he's looking to provide "more refined" food. While I'm not sure if MORE refined compared to Avenues is even possible, I can't wait to see what he does. I just hope he keeps style of light and flavorful food.