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Garlic Scapes – Scape Pasta Sauce Recipe

July 17 2011 - 2:26 PM

I was at the Edgewater Farmer’s Market on Broadway and Norwood Saturday morning and saw garlic scapes. I’ve seen them on menus but never really think to cook with them. They come in beautiful long stems and smell, not surprisingly, like garlic. I tasted them raw and they have a very peppery flavor. The stalks are also very course. They would make one hell of a stir in a bloody mary! In any case I figured that I’d cook them up to mellow the flavor and then strain out the fiberous parts. I decided on a quick sauce, one that’s fresh and not carmelized down into anything super dense. It’s a pretty hot weekend after all.

So I made the sauce with 2 scapes, chopping up pretty much the whole thing, as pictured, and sauteed in a decent amount of olive oil, and salt. When they had become a deeper green and just began to brown, after a few minutes, I poured the pan into a food processor and adding a bit of water, and pulsed until thoroughly pureed. I then strained the puree back into the pan, adding salt, pepper a few bits of fresh thyme and brought it up to a bubble. Finally adding a drizzle of olive oil, I stirred it up and spooned over pasta.

It turned out to be a very fresh semi-garlicky but very “green” sauce. It also mixes nicely with fresh tomato sauce and you can’t beat the color.

When cooked, the bite that scapes have mellows but they still have a distinct garlic quality. They cook up much lighter than I expected and next time I’ll use more and cook them longer to see how they change.

The knife pictured is the 8″ Shun Premier Chef’s Knife with a walnut handle and hammered tsuchime-finished damascus blade. She’s purty.

–Josh Brusin