2009 Villa Monteleone Campo Santa Lena Valpolicella Classico

July 15 2011 - 2:53 PM

I discovered this wine for $13.99 in a small shop from the town of Lake Mills, Wisconsin called The Wine Vineyard.   At first taste I wasn’t in love with it, but I know the key to really appreciating many of the wines from Italy is serving it with food, and in this case I served it with pesto sauce over pasta.

According to the bottle the alcohol level was a very reasonable 12 percent, something fairly rare in dry medium- and full-bodied reds.  The color was a medium red with slight purple hues. It had great acidity, with cherry, strawberry, and raspberry notes. Tannins were very light.

I’ve written before about Valpolicella before a couple of years ago, and the wines are rarely disappointing. From the Veneto region of northern Italy, these wines make for wonderful food pairings, and its mellow tannins allow for another glass or two after dinner.

–Brian Ziegler