Should Ramon C. Cortines Really Be Ashamed of Himself?

June 16 2011 - 4:03 PM

In the last episode of Food Revolution, Jamie Oliver looks at the camera and says, "Ramon Cortines, you should be ashamed of yourself." He pretty much lays the blame for America's nutritional nightmare at the feet of the L.A. school superintendant because he refuses to let him film in their schools to "make the school district a stage."

Cortines used to work in San Francisco where he was held in a high regard. He is very well loved in Los Angeles as well. Dana Woldow wrote a piece for SF's aptly called "Jamie Oliver, You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself." Here's the gist:

To publicly attack and belittle a lifelong educator, a man who twice came out of retirement to help ailing school districts, and whose career serves as the very definition of "public service", just because that man had the courage to try to shield his school district from exactly the kind of staged melodrama and manipulation which viewers have pinpointed as the weakest aspect of the show, is unconscionable. Jamie Oliver, you should be ashamed of yourself!

In the piece she also mentions that Oliver called out Huntington lunchladies last season. While I don't feel that he did that, I even more strongly disagree with the piece's other point, that he should be bulldogging the USDA. That's an American's job. Jamie Oliver is not an American. This is our problem. His job is to make us angry enough to do something about it. Unfortunately Dana and others are angry for the wrong reason. Hopefull the symantics work themselves out because when it comes to food in America, we should all be ashamed of ourselves.