Escoffier, A Guide to Modern Cookery – Paris 1907

June 28 2011 - 2:45 PM

Screen shot 2011-06-28 at 1.33.09 PM NEXT Restaurant goes from Paris 1906  to Bankok 2060… So try Paris 1906 at home with Escoffier's famed 1907 cookbook.

George Auguste Escoffier is roundly admired as one of the primary chefs to define what we understand as French cuisine as well as the brigade system in restaurants. While he shares many innovations with Antoine Careme who is the father of haute cuisine, it is Escoffier, above all others, who's name is synonymous with modern cooking.

This all boils down to his 1907 classic, "A Guide to Modern Cookery" from 1907. From fonds to roux, house lamb to chicken terrines, if you can manage the recipes in this book your stomach will get a glimpse of the past. There are no pictures, apart from the one posted here and I frankly haven't attempted a single dish. Here's a link to the PDF file…Download the cookbook.

Feel free to download it, cook from it, but be sure to share the results and opinions on the results! Since Next is switching from Paris 1906 to Bankok 2060, this might be the next closest thing to vintage cuisine. 

–Josh Brusin