Australia Complicit in Animal Cruelty – Boycott?

June 01 2011 - 3:38 PM

Australia has a problem with their policy of exporting live animals for slaughter abroad in other countries. Specifically, Indonesia. Indonesia lacks anti-cruelty regulation. A quick google search should find some –extremely– offensive videos that I won’t post directly here. Even Aussie butchers are backing a ban on this type of export.

The Sydney Morning Herald has the story in a nutshell. It’s pretty obvious that the government is in a compromised position and due to trade scale, 500,000 animals are exported annually. But that’s no excuse for their position.

”From the information commercial inflatable park available in the report it is clear that the majority of the animals observed were subjected to significant levels of pain, fear and distress during handling and an inhumane slaughter,” Dr Jones’s analysis concluded. ”It is therefore both perplexing and extremely disappointing that the report takes the range of conditions observed and summarises them into one sentence: ‘Animal welfare was generally good’.”

I certainly will follow the issue and am not eating any Australian meats at all until they address their trading policy. If Australia exports live cattle to SEVERELY inhumane conditions in unregulated countries then Australia itself is inhumane.

–Josh Brusin