Chicago Craft Beer Week Events: Haymarket Brewery

May 20 2011 - 12:02 PM

Chicago Craft Beer week is on, folks, as we have highlighted in previous posts.  Numerous craft beer events are occurring throughout Chicago as listed at the CCBW event page.  There are far too many interesting and potentially great events going on to note them all here, or even most of them. We will try to update you on changes or noteworthy occurrences regarding some of the most exciting events, so stay tuned to Foodies. 

Two events of note are occuring at Haymarket Brewing in the West Loop, both involiving tap takeovers.  On Sunday, Haymarket is featuring Michigan beers all day.  The Great Lakes State's brewing chops have absolutely exploded in the last half-decade and are leading the way in the Midwest in terms of great brewing across nearly all styles.   Haymarket usually features Founders Brewing beer on tap, and on Sunday you can expect the Grand Rapids brewmaster to have several tap handles on lock.  Also expect Dark Horse, Bells, Arcadia, and perhaps the sour champion Jolly Pumpkin to be featured as well.  This event is occurring all day on Sunday. 

Also, on Tuesday, May 24th, Pizza Port, aka Port Brewing, invades Haymarket to the tune of a 15-tap takeover, in the biggest invasion since I crushed my brother at Risk.  Fifteen taps – sorry, I just had to fan myself.  If you like hops, Port is the brewer for you. They define San Diego style brewing, the IPA capital of the world, as much as anyone, yet always show tremendous touch with their stouts and seasonal brews.  This event begins at 7 p.m. Tuesday and runs until close or the Port runs dry.  Pun intended. 

Haymarket is at 737 W. Randolph, at the corner of Halsted, in the West Loop. 

–Mark Sheppard