Google's New Recipe Search - So I Gotta Reformat EVERYTHING?!

April 06 2011 - 10:50 AM

How frustrating it is to, on one hand, be buoyed by technology that provides access to hundreds of thousands of people, a plethora of different forms of media to engage them- video, audio, photo, text, and have the option of an immediate aufblasbare spiele interaction and response but on the other hand, be forced to keep up with an ever-flowing spigot of innovation. Google has added a “Recipe” search option and indie websites are all atwitter (sorry, I had to) about their inability to keep up.

The bottom line is that larger corp sites are more capable to optimize their SEO tactics constantly and thusly get coveted placement. This includes things like how long it takes to make (faster is better?!) and calorie count (fewer is better?!) I think, if you’re satisfied with the same recipe that everyone else sees, you’re not exactly my target. That said I’m adding recipe-optimization to my growing to-do list.

Here’s Food52‘s impression… click on the link in the paragraph to see Craig Goldwyn’s source article as well.

Imagine the blogger who has excellent recipes but has to compete against companies with staff devoted entirely to S.E.O. And who now must go back and figure out the calorie counts of all of his recipes, and then add those numbers, along with other metadata. That’s not going to happen. So the chance that that blogger’s recipes will appear anywhere near the first page of results is vanishingly small. (See Craig Goldwyn’s piece on this in the Huffington Post.)

(Note this doesn’t even get into the unpaid writer issue at the 315 million dollar Huffington Post. I mean, I’d share— prove me wrong!)