And You Think It's Hard Getting Into NEXT...

April 29 2011 - 1:45 PM

It’s funny how I’ve had conversations about the mad dash for Next tickets but it’s still no comparison to El Bulli. I have made commitments bounce house with slide to fly my ass to Spain at the drop of a hat for last minute tickets… that was years ago. Considering this is the swan song of the restaurant as it’s closing in a few months, it’s a good example of something completely fleeting. Bourdain writes up his experience. I’ve seen him get ookey but this, and justifiably so, is him singing something higher than his highest praise.

Reportedly, there are about 4 million requests for reservations per year at EL BULLI,  inarguably, the world’s most innovative and exciting restaurant. Only a few thousand are accommodated.  There have been about as many words written on the subject, most of them focusing, understandably, on Ferran Adria, the chef,  and on the wildly creative and forward thinking techniques and presentations he has introduced each year to the world.