Kanela Breakfast Club

April 22 2011 - 11:16 AM

2011-04-08_13-24-28_524 I recently tried the latest breakfast spot in Lakeview, Kanela Breakfast Club. Over the past year, this location has housed multiple breakfast joints. I have a feeling Kanela will stay.

Kanela has an inviting interior with tall-backed booths and an intimate seating arrangement. For those interested in grabbing a quick espresso drink, they also offer bar seating.

Their menu consists of gourmet breakfast and lunch options, as well as fresh squeezed juice and espresso drinks. Everything sounded delicious. I had a hard time narrowing my options down.

2011-04-08_14-09-02_605After looking up and down the menu multiple times, I finally made a decision. I ordered the pork belly eggs Benedict. Eddy, my boyfriend and dining partner, ordered the duck confit hash. We started our meal with the bacon waffles.

2011-04-08_13-47-38_139 Everything was fantastic.

The bacon waffle was the first order that arrived to our table. I'm a bacon fanatic, and this lived up to my expectations. Not only was there bacon baked into the waffles, there were also two slices of candied, chocolate covered bacon strips layered on top. They were drizzled with a bourbon caramel syrup and garnished with homemade whipped cream and strawberries. All of the flavors tasted great together. This could, and should, be a meal on its own. I'm glad we split it!

Next came our meals. Both dishes had just the right amount of flavor. The duck confit hash had an orange white truffle oil, which was perfectly subtle. Truffle is known for being overpowering, but Kanela used just the right amount. The truffle combined with the duck confit was succulent and mixed well with the eggs and potatoes.

The pork belly eggs Benedict also had the perfect flavor. The hollandaise sauce was just bitter enough to counteract the saltiness of the pork belly. In between the pork belly and the english muffin lie a bed of brussels sprouts, which added to the rich flavor.2011-04-08_13-54-15_443

The two dishes were very different. Their menu is diverse and presents many flavors and textures. I am interested to go back and try a few items off of their lunch menu.

Overall, the staff was friendly, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was comforting. I suggest you check Kanela Breakfast Club out when you're in the mood for some great brunch.

— Ashley Streichert