Port Wipeout IPA and Some Layla

March 04 2011 - 3:35 PM

I got a little excited the other day.  While visiting Sheffield's Pub in Wrigleyville I went in the bar thinking of one thing: how much I needed a killer IPA.  I sought that perfect, lean, bitter, citrusy treat that would give me a rousing wake up after a long morning and afternoon of touch football.  I got that and then some. 

Sheffield's, as usual, delivered the goods with Port Brewing's Wipe Out IPA, made by the revered San Diego area brewery known for its bruising hop exercises, fully west cost style.  Wipe Out is a quintessential west coast IPA.  It's a pale, hazy yellow with a huge white cumulus head.  It has a practically textbook grapefruit scent.  It drinks lean:  the malt is a thin foundation as the beer sparkles on the tongue with bitter, hop acids followed by a rigorous citrus finish.  You get a classic stinger on your tongue with each sip.  It's never filling and leaves you wanting another. 

How could my experience get better, you ask?  The bartender happened to be a fan of "Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs" and, luckily for me, decided to play it while I embraced my tasty brew.   How often do you go to a bar and get to listen to your second favorite album of all time while enjoying one of your favorite beers.   My friends had to reign me in.

To warn you, this is no session beer.  In fact, I'd call its flavor polarizing. If you're open to IPAs, as am I, it's heavenly.  Hop haters despise it.   It's also 7.2% so it will, well, wipe you out pretty quickly unless you take it slow or have a massive tolerance.   Swim at your own risk. 

You can find this bad boy at Sheffield's and craft beer sellers, such as Binny's offer it in Port's standard large format bottles.   It's a must-have for hop lovers.  Essential. 

–Mark Sheppard