Local Option – Beer Lineup: One of The Best Ever?

March 24 2011 - 2:24 PM

Just want to give a quick blurb about a recent beer event I attended on Wednesday, March 16th, at Local Option pub on Webster Avenue.  The Option did a rare beer tasting headlined by rare Founders brews and some other gems from the U.S. and across the pond.  Word got out about the event early enough that the keg tappings, which were to begin at 6, played to an already packed house by that time. 

The timing was perfect for me as I had missed out on this year's Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout release because I was unable to travel to Grand Rapids, MI for it on the previous weekend.  This event more than made up for it.   The Option showcased the KBS on tap, as well as its maple barreled cousin, Canadian Breakfast Stout, which is arguably even more divine, never gets bottled, and disappears even more quickly whenever it shows up at a pub.  These two beer were gone within the first half hour or so.  Another Founders stunner, the Black Biscuit, a Baltic porter, did not last long either.  Having never tried it before, this one was of particular interest to me and delivered on its promise.  It was dark, rich, creamy, and a bit sweet yet grounded with a solid hop foundation that kept the tongue from over-saturation with sugar.  Brilliantly done.

Other standouts included Three Floyds Zombie Dust, a delicious creamy pale ale, Mikkeller Koppi, a robust, thick double IPA that went wonderfully with the spicy cajun wings that are a must-try, and Lost Abbey's highly sought after Angel's Share in its brandy barreled incarnation.  And there were many other great and rare brews, mostly from Europe it seemed, that I just could not withstand.  KBS is an 11% beer and the others I got to try were about equal to that or closely chasing that level; and sobriety quickly became dilapidated beyond swift repair.

Thanks to the Local Option for making such a great event happen.

Local Option
1102 W. Webster
Chicago IL

–Mark Sheppard