Baird Brewing Rising Sun Pale Ale – Japanese Ale

March 31 2011 - 3:59 PM

To support a good cause, Japan's economic recovery from the recent disasters that have beset it, I picked up a bottle of Baird Brewing's Rising Sun Pale Ale, crafted by the brewery with a very un-Japanese name that hails from Numazu, Japan.  It stands out from many pale ales in several ways. It's heavily carbonated, pouring a massive white top that takes forever to dissipate and slows down the process of emptying the bottle (and my drinking progress!).  It has an ordinary fruity but refreshing nose. 

The real standout is the flavor, as one would hope.  It has a rugged bitterness typical of a Pale Ale but also features a fruity, Belgian-type yeast that's effervescent and more like candied fruit than citrus.  This is a rare pale ale that you can drink on its own without any accompanying spicy food.  It's a winner, and Armanetti's Beverages has this one in single bottles right now.  As Baird says, "Please drink contemplatively, drinker-san." 

–Mark Sheppard