Sous Vide Duck: Juniper Berries, Oranges, Thyme

January 04 2011 - 7:16 PM

Sous_duck_comp I love duck and here I’m hoping that the sous vide will lend a bit of confit to the meat. Instead what you end up seeing is that the fat takes too much time to render and if doing it again I’d suggest to render out more of the fat initially. In this case it was finished in a sauté pan but likely better under the broiler. Live and learn; it still was tasty.

(recipe is 1 bag = 1 leg/thigh quarter)
Duck leg quarter
fresh-dried juniper berries (red raisinish color, not black)
1 orange: zest and fruit
3 fresh thyme sprigs

In typical sous vide fashion I lined the bottom of the bag with a loosely rolled sheet of plastic wrap into which I evenly spread out the juniper giochi gonfiabili berries, orange zest, thyme sprigs. I then layered the orange sections and finally placed the salted duck quarter in the center, not touching anything. I sealed the bag and, only then, gave the orange sections a squeeze. I cooked the pouch in a 165º water bath for 5 hours, removing the duck, I finished it in a saute pan over high heat (broiler would have been better). The orange juice and seasoning reduced and was poured over the duck and served with fresh spinach (toss the orange sauce with wilted spinach next time!).

This is another recipe that I a created to use with my Sous Vide Supreme. Sous Vide Supreme provided me with a unit and in return I’m sharing my successes over the next few months!