Founders Brewing Double Trouble Imperial IPA

January 08 2011 - 1:15 PM

Indian Pale Ales are often hard to find in the winter since their oft-citrusy hop profile and relatively lean bodies comport well with summer drinking.  Fortunately, several breweries buck the trend and release such beers in the winter.  Bell's legendary Hopslam is due out soon.  And currently at center ice is Founders Double Trouble.  It marks itself as a great beer by the fact that it drinks so well out of a bottle and also on tap. 

Double Trouble is a bit lighter in style and has an ever-so-slightly creamy mouth feel.  Citrus aromas dominate the nose.  The first sip presents gentle malts which are subtly and gradually overrun by grapefruit and slightly herbaceous hops.  This is clever.  Hops never truly dominate this one and the overall sensation is mellow, not robust and even punishing like many double IPAs.  Unlike many of its IPA brethren, this beer is best consumed on its own because of its more delicate flavors, but it will have no problem alongside a creamy chowder or grilled pork, anything without a huge amount of spice. 

Double Trouble is a limited release beer and will be around for a month. You should be able to score some at Binny's or craft beer-oriented liquor stores, and also at some of the best taps in town. I'm informed that Local Option currently has it. 


–Mark Sheppard