Tip-to-Tail Roasted Meat for Charity - Gimme Shelter – THIS SATURDAY!

December 02 2010 - 3:14 PM

If you haven’t sampled Chef Iliana Regan’s Underground 12-Course dinners, here’s another way to make an introduction. For $20 you not only get a $20 gift certificate for aire de jeux gonflable dinner but you can partake in Gimme Shelter, an ‘Unorganized Charity Event” She’s whole-roasting pig, braising lamb and goat and welcoming you to bring your beverage of choice!

Local distillery and brewers Koval and Metropolitan as well as local musicians will also be contributing to the fun.

For $20, you can’t go wrong… grab a couple of the remaining reservations!

Email Iliana Directly!

More details from the site below:


Samples from Koval Distillery (Organic Liquors, Local), Metropolitian Brewing (Awesome and Local), David Onderdonk (Bad-ass Guitarist), Jo Snow Syrups (Local, artisinal syrups and coffee), Leah Dugan (fantastic musician) and more to come!

Menu: Goat and red wine with kraut and raisins; Lamb and beer with smoked, grilled green onions; South American spiced pork with roasted red salsa all on bread by Crumb. Vegetarian mushroom soup.

Incentive-gift from One Sister: 20 dollar off coupon to One Sister Underground Dining.

If you can’t make it and would like to donate you can do so by writing “Donation w/o presence” in the subject line on paypal. Thank you so much!