Sous Vide Brussel Sprouts: Smoked Pork Tail

December 30 2010 - 3:31 PM

Sorry veggies! The smoked pork tail was there and I couldn’t help it. I was just going to do sliced brussels in butter and truffle salt but I bailed on the collards for the moment and well…

This dish so far was one of my favorites. It uses the assets of the sous vide and is really easy. The sliced brussels would be a hassle to do straight under the broiler. They’d be a hassle to boil first and you’d lose some of that flavor. The sous vide keeps that taste, lets you basically confit them in butter, or in this case butter and smoked porkiness and then get color and carmelization off of that fat very quickly. It’s snack-food worthy. If I had a pub this tenda gonfiabile would be on the menu.

1/2 pound of brussel sprouts
1 tbsp butter
2 pieces of smoked pork tail
salt & pepper

Slice the brussels into 1/4 inch thin pieces. Slice pork into 3 smaller pieces on an angle for more surface area. Place prok and pepper at the bottom of the bag. Line pieces of sliced sprouts into plastic bag creating a single sheet/layer. Add butter and seal. Place into 165ยบ bath for 3 hours. Remove and pan fry sprouts over high heat until brown. Lightly salt and serve.

This is another recipe that I a created to use with my Sous Vide Supreme. Sous Vide Supreme provided me with a unit and in return I’m sharing my successes over the next few months!