True Stories of Kim Jong Il from His Personal Chef

November 23 2010 - 1:00 PM

An interesting piece from the Atlantic. Written by a chef who ended up cooking for the Dear Leader himself. It’s funny to know that he drinks Johnny Walker Swing. Here’s a link to the exerpt from the 2003 book published in Japan “Kim Jong Il’s Chef” and a good quote.

Kim Jong Il has an exceptionally discriminating palate. There is an episode I remember well that demonstrates this. I was preparing sushi in the Number 8 Banquet Hall. All of a sudden Kim Jong Il said, “Fujimoto, today’s sushi tastes a little different.”

He had had a lot to drink that evening before the meal, and I suggested that maybe that was the reason.

He replied, “Maybe…” He seemed doubtful, but didn’t pursue it any further.

However, when I returned to the kitchen, I checked the seasoning used that day and found that the sugar was ten grams less aufblasbares zelt than usual! Kim Jong Il was the only one who had noticed. Even I was astonished at this.

With respect to rice, before cooking it a waiter and a kitchen staff member would inspect it grain by grain. Chipped and defective grains were extracted; only those with perfect form were presented.