$10 Chateauneuf Du Pape – J.L. Quinson

November 09 2010 - 12:10 PM

Chateauneuf Du Pape for $10? Okay. I did a double take. Considering exchange rates we’re looking at $24 as a starting point for ANY bottle of Chateauneuf. Trader Joe’s has good deals on Chateauneufs occasionally but they’re at $19.99. I squinted and sure enough there was no 1 in front of the 9. It’s sure enough not a faux Chateauneuf… it’s legal and labelled.

J.L. Quinson is the winemaker and I can find nearly nothing online about them aside that they are a Rhone-focused negociant inflatable water slide and that’s nothing bad, just not much. Here’s what’s fishy. The weird thing is that it’s  a 2009… It’s supposed to be a great year for the Rhone and Chateauneufs specifically but the 2009s are NOT OUT YET.  I’m not sure if they’re still in barrels or in bottles but either way you can’t get them just yet. But how could I resist? 10 Bucks!

Got home and cracked it open. Gave it a pour through an aerater and a thorough swirl. It’s 65% grenache and tastes really young. It’s got something to it and I could see it turning out really nicely in a couple years but the bottom line is for $9.99 give it a shot. You’ll never drink a CDP this ‘young’ (for good reason). If you have space and ability to hold it for a year or two, taking a chance on multiple bottles might be a good idea. I mean a case of any Chateauneuf for $120 is ridiculous unless it sucks. I don’t think it will ‘suck’ but again, you never know. If you’ve got the room you could have a really great table wine in a year or two.

Trader Joe’s has it at the moment. It won’t last.