Beer and Barbeque at Sheffield's

October 11 2010 - 2:50 PM

As noted in the excellent post written by Foodies contributor Brian Ziegler on September 20, I, too, visited Sheffield’s on the same evening.  By the time I got there,  Brian and his friend had already gotten “the tour” of Sheffield’s barbecue operations.  I got my turn shortly after my arrival when Brian introduced me to Sheffield’s owner, Ric Hess.  I have been a long time Sheffield’s patron and an even longer time barbecue lover, so it was a treat to get a chance to explore Sheffield’s excellent barbecue offerings in person.

Ric showed me the barbecue smoker that lies on the patio and has three large sections where pulled pork, beef brisket, and chicken were flavoring.  He also took me to the kitchen and I got to try some excellent pulled pork with a tart, acidic Memphis style barbecue sauce and another sweeter sauce.  The pulled pork was my second favorite food item of the night.  It was very soft and tender with an exterior that was deliciously smoky and crispy.  Ric later had us try some of the barbecued ribs. They were meaty without a lot of fat yet tender, juicy and had the right amount of dry rub upon them.  They needed no sauce.  These were the hit of the night and clearly showed that Sheffield’s has raised it’s game in the barbecue world.  Unfortunately, they were out of the beef brisket that night – I arrived late in the evening – but I got to castillo hinchable try it when I returned there the next day.  It too is tender with great savory flavor.  Sheffield’s makes their own barbecue sauces, and the sweeter sauce well accompanied the brisket, adding a good spicy sweetness to the juicy brisket.

Beer wise, on the night of my visit I started with a Stone Arrogant Bastard, an aggressively hoppy strong ale with a dense mouthfeel.  The smoky nature of the beer accompanied the pulled pork quite well.  My next beer, for the ribs, was a Port Wipe Out IPA, another hop scoundrel with a thinner density whose oils and acids cut through the oils and fats of the ribs and whose hop bit is a wonderful palate cleanser that prepares you for that next bite of the ribs.

Great beers are nothing new at Sheffield’s which is known for its “Beer Education Class.”  The barbecue menu is a real treat and even more reason to go there.