Gourmet Dining & Mushroom Hunting: One Sister

September 17 2010 - 11:49 AM

Henofthewoods Chef Iliana Regan's company, One Sister is responsible for a fantastic underground dining experience as well as Chicago Magazine's 'Best' Pierogies, she farms and forages for her ingredients and in addition to a gourmet breakfast and lunch, she's sharing her location for Maitaki mushrooms!

Breakfast, lunch and mushrooms. Saturday October 9th and the next week, the 16th, Chef Regan is leading a mushroom expedition the fancy way. 7:30am gourmet breakfast then onto a bus and hit the woods where last year she found a 16 pound hen of the woods maitake mushroom. Quick 16 pounds of maitaki mushroom retails for… $288 ($18 a pound at Oregon mushrooms). Not sure how to hunt for shrooms? You get a gift basket with a field guide and recipe book as well as a bottle of wine, cheese a map of the woods and more.

After scoring your fungus, lunch in the garden consists of:

One Sister Smoked Duck breast, sliced thin with cherry
aioli, arugula on rye bread and adult fruit roll-ups and beet chips.
Vegetarian option: Smoked eggplant and mushroom wrap with red pepper
aioli, homemade pickled artichokes, arugula, adult fruit roll-ups and
beet chips. Adult fruit-roll ups are made with raspberries and
Chambord. Drinks for lunch will include 3 Floyd's beer, Hard Apple
Cider-cause it might be chilly, Bottled water, Mocktails-something
local and more coffee.

After lunch is another set of woods and then back to Chicago, returning 7pm.

As space is limited to 20-30 people so be quick or wait another year. $150 includes breakfast, lunch, snacks, beer, gift basket and don't forget the mushrooms which alone are worth the price of admission!

Oh and bring a compass. (Seriously!)

Email One Sister for more details. To register, email your
name, guest count, guest's names and the date you'd like along with the
menu of your choice, veg or meat-eater. You will receive a registration
form, consent form and fee payment request to be sent back before the date to hold your spot.