Haddock • Spinach • Pasta – 1 Pan, 1 Pot & 15 Minutes

August 04 2010 - 8:45 PM


When I’m very hungry I find myself hitting Dominick’s. It’s faster and cheaper to buy and saute than to order out. Granted, there’s a bit of clean up but that’s okay.

I brought a pot to boil and into a pan I tossed a single wedge of prosciutto which I had diced and cooked to sweating. I added some mashed and chopped black garlic which has a singular, fermented flavor and then the haddock which I seasoned lightly with salt, pepper and celery salt.

A splash of chenin blanc into the pan, followed by a dump of pre-made ravioli-esque into the boiling pot and then the haddock was laid into the pan skin side down. After a few minutes the fish was done, and removed. The Inflatable Water Slide ravioli-things were done and transferred from the pot to the pan, cooked over high heat and then plated.

Last a 1/2 cup of water from the boiling pot was put into the pan and a bag of spinach was added. The pan was covered. The spinach cooked down in 2 minutes. Then I sat to eat it and finish the bottle of Post House chenin blanc. Not too bad.