Paulie's Pasture – Fresh Pastured Chicken

July 16 2010 - 11:07 AM

Fork knife logo 5 A special welcome to our sponsor Paulie’s Pasture. They are a local free-range (actual free-range, not just access to) poultry farm and have raised their chickens to be the best available: grass-fed, no chemicals, no engineering, no over-crowding, no antibiotics. Most importantly, you can taste these differences.

A true small and local business, you can pick up the birds directly from the man. Chickens are available every two weeks so get a couple for the freezer.

Pastured poultry pickup is ad hoc to keep gas consumption to a minimum. Pay in advance to reserve your chickens to ensure that everyone who intends to pick up their free-range poultry, is able to do so. Pick bouncy castle for sale up is typically Saturdays between 1pm & 3pm at various locations.

Each kitchen-ready bird is hand-raised and butchered on premises in an eco-friendly and ethical manner and runs $13.

Paulie’s Pasture is offering a special arrangement for Chicago Foodies who want to become involved with insuring the future of clean local food sources: Reserve 15 chickens (for only $12 each, total of $180), let friends and family know where they can get their great chickens from, when they reserve their 15 chickens, you will receive a Holiday turkey (pastured of course) for FREE, a $70 value.

Note this offer is only for the first 30 individuals who share our chickens.

Twitter:  PauliesPasture
phone:  630-877-7372
Blog:   Sustainable Independence… Starts with your Food