Join the King of the Duck Fat Fries on a Picnic

June 01 2010 - 9:01 PM

Just when you thought the man who brought us duck fat fries and delicious encased meats could only be found at The Sausage Superstore and Encased Meet Emporium, he decides to go for a picnic! On June 6th at Clarendon Park near Marine Drive, Hot Doug will be participating in a picnic to increase awareness for Illinois State Representative candidate, Daniel Biss.

Pay in advance of the June 6th event and you get to have your photo taken with Hot Doug and the infamous “Hot Dogger” character. Pricing is tiered for the event, $50 for children and students (no alcohol served at this dollar level), $100 for 2 sausages, craft beer from Two Brothers, and desserts. Pricing levels for $250 and $500 are a treat for even more senses.

Link below has full details.

For a quick link to the Hot Doug’s website, click below