Homemade Limoncello - A Toast to the Ladies

June 04 2010 - 6:11 AM


If you have ever been to Italy, chances are, you’ve had the joy (call it as you wish) of tasting the legacy that is limoncello. In my first visit to Italy, we were introduced to the phenomenon as an after dinner digestive drink – served chilled, and in a tiny glass. Instantly falling in love with the sugary liqueur, we set out to find the nearest liquor store. Upon entering, we explained to the owner that we were unsure what type of Italian liquor that we (all girls) might be able to handle, but that we really loved the taste of that “lemon stuff” we had at dinner.  After laughing at us for a few minutes (not that I blame him), he showed us the many options of limoncello that were at our disposal. After an evening sitting out on our tiny balcony in Lido, Venice – sipping our new found cup (okay, bottle) of joy – we were in love.

To take my adoration a step further, I recently came across an article on ImbibeMagazine.com on how to make your very own limoncello, from the comfort of your own home. Within hours I had all of the ingredients needed, and one of the best "cooking" experiences of my life is now underway.


I am only in the first few stages of the creation (as it takes up to three weeks for the entire process) – and my mouth is already watering for the finished product. As of now, I have zested the 12 lemons (and yes, my arm was sore the next day…), have added one 750-milliliter bottle of 100-proof vodka and am shaking the concoction daily. I have about two weeks left of daily shakings, and then the rest of the creation process will be underway. Fingers crossed that my creation can at least be comparable to the limoncello that we had in Italy. I will, of course, keep you all informed of the success (optimism, people!) that is to come.  Check out the entire recipe at ImbibeMagazine.com.