The Panera Bread Price Fix: Pay What You Can

May 19 2010 - 12:52 PM

Here's an interesting idea from Panera Bread. They only take donations. Why wouldn't a retail location simply be a non-profit like this? It seems that with the amount of choice we have this is a logical branching out.

From St. Louis Today:

Panera Bread Co. has converted one of its St. Louis Bread Co. stores
into a nonprofit operation aimed at raising funds for community groups.
The cafe-bakery store, located at 10 South Central Avenue in
Clayton, will operate under the name of "St. Louis Bread Co. Cares."

Under the new model, donation boxes are placed next to the cash
registers, which will only be used to make change, and customers will
give a donation that they think is appropriate; the menu itself will be
offer only suggested prices for items. For customers who can't afford
to pay, they will be asked to contribute volunteer time at the cafe,
which is staffed by regular employees.

Proceeds will go to pay store costs, and the remainder will go to
community organizations, which Panera hasn't identified.