The Passion of the KFC – 1,380mg of Salt in a Single Sandwich!

April 06 2010 - 3:24 PM

Kfcx-large This is the KFC Double Down. Sandwiches like this help make it easier to fool my wife.  I told her that Kentucky Fried Chicken legally had to change their name to KFC because they didn't use 'chicken'. She believed me for about 2 minutes (another one was that the Long John Silver's logo used to be white but with all the discoloration because of all the grease they just gave in and switched to yellow).

Anyway. KFC is even more about the chicken with this 'This is Why You're Fat' offering. No bun… but not Atkins as the chicken is breaded so it's bun enough. Two fried chicken fillets (no more meat spec than fillet) with cheese, mayo-spread and bacon in between. It's something so crazy, you'd think Hardee's would have done it. Needless to say I'm passing. From USA Today:

The sandwich, which comes complete with 1,380
milligrams of salt (about 60% of what the federal government recommends
for an entire day's consumption) and 10 grams of saturated fat (about
50% of a day's supply), would seem to be a slap in the face to
nutritionists — and nutrition advocates such as Michelle Obama— calling for more restraint from the nation's foodmakers.

"It's a salt bomb," says Kelly Brownell,
director at Yale's Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity. "That's a
better part of a day's sodium in one meal."

The sandwich is not, however, a calorie bomb. The Original Recipe version is 540 calories — about the same as a Big Mac.

"You can do worse than 540 calories," Brownell concedes.

Can you really do worse than 540 calories? (sarcasm) You can do worse than 1,380mg of salt too… but do you want to? I know people comment that the government shouldn't tell us what to eat but get real. You're told what to drink, how to drive, where to walk, not to talk…  and I'm not the government in any event.

So while you 'could do worse' than the Double Down, you shouldn't.

Bear in mind this is filed under 'Weird Food'.