Stone Brewery Products Available in Chicago

April 04 2010 - 12:59 PM

I was in Whole Foods, and Stone Brewery's Arrogant Bastard Ale was on sale for $4.99 per 22-ounce bottle.   I decided to give this San Diego-based product, labeled as an American Strong Ale by Beer Advocate, a try.   First of all, there was a nice creamy head that did not dissipate, unlike many microbrew beers that manage to capture flavor but not perfect a good head.   Second, this 7.2 percent Alcohol by Volume beer has a deep burned maltiness with a caramel-like complexity, finished by a hoppy bitterness.

Rightfully so, there has been a lot of hype surrounding Stone's entry into the Chicago market.  Known for its Levitation Ale, the Gold Medal winner of the Great American Beer Festival, and its Ruination IPA, Stone has a quirky gargoyle theme that makes me want to pop in Judas Priest's Sad Wings of Destiny album and blast Victim of Changes.

Now that Stone has penetrated Chicago's notoriously challenging distribution channels,  I presume most of the major beer retailers will be carrying several of their beers, including Whole Foods, Binny's, and Lush.