Emeril All-Clad 8" Non-stick for $12 bucks...

April 05 2010 - 2:19 PM

X2_107da21It's a solid pan. When people ask me for my cookware recos I include Emerilware non-stick because it's a solid bottom all-clad produced piece of cookware and the non-stick seems to last as long as any of the others.

Just so happens on one of my Bloomingdale's kitchenware walkthroughs I noticed a table of them at the really nice price of $11.99. Jackpot.

They also have a 2-pan 8" and 12" non-stick set for $45 but the handles are very thin. Not such a bad deal none-the-less. As for the other Emeril pieces, as long as they don't have the heat-plate on the bottom, I'd say go for it. Just remember with the non-stick- no high-heat!