Your Kids Dream of Good Food

March 13 2010 - 5:48 PM

Childhood Obesity – What was once only the subject of soccer moms
in the suburbs has gotten national attention with Michelle Obama's
campaign to get kids healthy again.  The White House's focus is on
activity, but what about food?  Kids spend most of their time in
school, and for decades traditional school lunches have been a scary
mixture of high-fructose corn syrup beverages and trans fat cookies.

That's no longer the case for some Chicagoans.  Health-conscious parents are changing things up with Gourmet Gorilla(TM).
We chatted with the owners this weekend at the FamilyFarm Expo.  Gourmet
Gorilla is a meal service that provides natural, wholesome, and usually
organic meals to local day cares and schools.  What you'll get are
unique kid-approved foods like sunflower butter & jelly sandwiches
or banana potato salad, what you won't is rBGH milk or GMOs. Dozens of schools have already started participating and others can easily join.  Healthy school lunches are a growing trend and this is one worth jumping on the bandwagon for.