M Burger. Good, Fast or Cheap. Pick 2... right?

March 11 2010 - 12:22 PM

Mburger Well it’s not exactly fast. So fast food that’s not fast is what? The line outside of M Burger is long. It’s not likely going to get short anytime soon. You’d think that’s because foodies make a point to head over for burgers made in a kitchen that used to house TRU’s pastry kitchen but it’s more likely that it’s across the street from the hospital. Nearly the entire lunch line was badged hospital staff. Considering nothing is over $5 it’s a welcome addition to the local workforce.

Truth told the line for takeaway took 20 minutes. The walk back to the office 2 minutes. When I opened my bag and saw that they forgot a burger I was really disappointed. I’ve never had it happen to me at a McDonald’s… so that’s not good.

With a twinge of frustration I decided to just deal, I mean who goes back for a burger? Granted I ended up paying ten bucks for a burger and fries, albeit unintentionally, but they’re swamped. I’ll bug them later and see what happens.

I did get the M burger… they left out a regular burger. The M is awesome. It’s really what I like about fast food burgers. The meat is not livery. It’s well done (as any thin fast food patty should be). There may be a bit of salt on the bouncy castle for sale burger but I think it’s the sauce. Until I get that damn plain one, I won’t really know. The fries were a bit salty but not as salty as the 5 Guys fries.

I’m on a roll. I just had 5 Guys for the first time Tuesday and think I like M Burgers better. Not to mention it’s significantly cheaper. Considering the devoted following 5 Guys gets, that’s no small shakes. Speaking of which I passed on the shakes too…

All things considered, M Burger should open up in April when they get their outdoor seating and at <$5 a burger it’s pretty much snack food for today’s American. The ‘M Burger’ itself is worth a trip back (and for missing-burger-restitution!) I’ll take a picture next time, I ate it too quickly.

Time for food coma.

M Burger
161 E. Huron
Chicago IL