Lunch in the Loop: Taza

March 10 2010 - 7:58 AM

In my never-ending quest to find interesting, reasonably priced food in the Loop, I stopped by Taza, an unassuming storefront offering Middle Eastern and Mediterranean classics. (Alas, being on Franklin, Taza is technically just outside of the Loop, so my search continues on.) Pictured here is the "gourmet" falafel sandwich, which comes decked out with savory hunks of falafel, a smear of creamy hummus, a scoop of Jerusalem salad and hot sauce for a little extra zip. The falafel was hot and crisp, with a soft, pillowy interior. This was topped with crunchy chunks of cucumber and tomato in tahini and lemon dressing. Everything was brought together in a warm, hefty pita pocket. Did I mention this will only set you back $5? Light, delicious, and affordable.

 At 1 pm, there was no lunch crowd and plenty of open tables for seating, which is a major plus in my book. I'll definitely be back to try their gyros and schwarma. 

176 N. Franklin
(312) 201-9885