Food Writing and Food TV... Is it the New Real Estate?

March 29 2010 - 5:22 PM

I have to wonder if Food TV shows are the new escapism. Remember when Real Estate shows were everywhere? As homes went from being flipped to being underwater food shows grew like the waistlines of Americans… exponentially! I believe that appetites and creativity in cuisine are here to stay.


Recently, I attended a Food Writing Inflatable Water Slide class at the Newberry Library. It was fabulous, with a second class next weekend. Check out the Newberry’s on-line schedule of classes, if you would like to write about food or virtually anything else.

If a weekend class in escapism by Food Writing is what you prefer, then check out the University of Iowa Summer Writing Festival. They offer weeklong and weekend workshops on a variety of styles and topics, including, of course, Food Writing.

I’ve been to the Iowa Writing Festival and it a blissful writing camp for adults. Imagine, a weekend or week simply devoted to writing, relaxing, and eating.


Care to indulge?