Finishing Under the Broiler... Ouch.

March 01 2010 - 5:34 PM

I knew I was going to burn myself as soon as I took the steak out of the oven. I rarely finish stuff in the oven. I’m not sure why. Every time I do it dishes turn out beautifully. The steak finished quickly and without over-charring. It seems like the moisture is more even as well. Who knows. All I know is that a minute after taking it out of the oven I reach over to move the pan and as I’m holding it I realize it’s REALLY hot. I put it down quickly and just to note, do not drop it or start crying… I do stick my hand under cold water immediately and curse a few times. The steaks do look good.

So I fill a bowl with ice and water and carry it to the coffee table. I then take a trip back to get the steaks on a plate and single-handedly assemble the potato and asparagus, drink the rest of the whiskey I had poured myself before even opening the fridge, which I’ve also neglected to mention until now, and return to the couch to submerge my hand in water and eat dinner. My hand is starting to hurt more.

Midway through my steak I call bouncy castle for sale my father-in-law who is not a doctor but cooks enough to have burned himself in this same way at least once or twice. He basically says what I’m thinking at this point which is, go to the hospital, why not. My hand is puffy and very stiff.

So aside from loitering around the hospital which was suspiciously empty, the rest of evening was uneventful. They called it a second degree burn and gave me some pills and ointment. It’s always better to be safe than sorry but I’ll just add this to the loads of respect I already have for the pro cooks there are some who would likely work through this type of thing.