Femivorism? Chicks with Chickens...

March 16 2010 - 4:39 PM

Picture 56  I'm not sure if I would qualify the chicken coop trend as a feminist statement? Who am I to disagree but I get the impression that it's more of an extension of gardening. It's practicality. It's caring and nurturing. If you consider it feminine, fine. But it shouldn't necessarily exclude all the gardening dudes out there…  the pappa's with poultry? The stats on households… From the New York Times:

Femivorism is grounded in the very principles of self-sufficiency,
autonomy and personal fulfillment that drove women into the work force
in the first place. Given how conscious (not to say obsessive) everyone
has become about the source of their food — who these days can’t wax
poetic about compost? — it also confers instant legitimacy. Rather than
embodying the limits of one movement, femivores expand those of
another: feeding their families clean, flavorful food; reducing their
carbon footprints; producing sustainably instead of consuming
rampantly. What could be more vital, more gratifying, more morally