Tampopo Sushi – The Secret is Out

January 08 2010 - 8:27 PM

When I moved north, I started looking around for another go-to sushi spot. On Lincoln is Tampopo and for the past year it’s been my most consistently delicious sushi spot and a great value. I did several searches on the site to make sure I hadn’t mentioned it before. I could have sworn I did but alas.

It just so happens I was at the sushi bar having dinner at 5:30 and was talking to Danny, the owner. It turns out they’re being featured on Check Please this evening. He’s excited and nervous. I was surprised to hear that he’s worried about potential negative comments from the diners! Usually I would expect owners to be apprehensive about their potential traffic screwing up their buying and restaurant operations. Especially since the freshness and value of his fish is so painfully obvious.

Fast forward to 8:20.  I’m watching the episode now ‘Hidden Gem’ is the right way to look at it. Portions described as ‘huge’ is right on… Ramen is apparently. according to Alpana, the new cupcake. I think maybe every winter ramen gets a lift. Then again the noodle stores are taking over NY and I certainly have been overdosing on ramen at Ginza, not to mention Sunshine Cafe, UrbanBelly and XoCo, so maybe she’s on to something. By the way, the guy who thinks his rolls weren’t as ‘tight’ because he’s not a regular is kind of nuts.

Colin, the other guy, kind of piles on the positive. I forgot it wasn’t his choice. It’s simply that good, Northsiders. In any case the word is out. Tampopo is the real deal. If you get there and it’s mobbed check out the Iraqi restaurant next door. I haven’t tried it yet but considering I may now have to wait for a table, that’s where I might have to go.

5665 N. Lincoln