Quest for Marshall Field's Cheesecake Recipe

January 09 2010 - 10:59 AM

A reader is on the hunt for a cheesecake recipe! I have my personal favorite but not sure exactly what this one is. Anyone know? From Rita:

I remember fondly the trips our family took on the “EL” to the loop and going window shopping at Easter or Christmas!!  One of the best memories of these occasions was stopping at Marshall Fields  Deli  (I guess the Bakery department) for the wonderful cheesecake. It was light, fluffy and oh so good! I have bouncy castle for sale been looking for many years to find a recipe for this delicious cake. I think it was baked but it was almost like a chiffon not like the gooey cakes I see now. Does anyone have a recipe for one like this now?  I have been looking for almost seventy years to find one. Please help.