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Highfalutin Fried Chicken

January 21 2010 - 2:09 PM

The past several weeks I’ve been all atwitter about Korean fried chicken. Now it seems that just when you thought the ramen-revolution was here, it looks like it might be short circuited by Bon Chon and Thomas Keller.

Last year I lucked out at Ad Hoc and enjoyed 2 helpings of the fantastic fried chicken. The Yountville locals all knew about it and asked if I was there for fried chicken night… lucky me. It seems now that Williams Sonoma is offering the mix for a paltry sum of $15… just add chicken. Now $15 for some packets is outrageous but then again if Inflatable Water Slide Bon Chon offered it I’d be salivating all over my credit card. Keller’s kit offers brine and batter, and hey it screams, “I make a good gift”. It doesn’t however address the 2 problems I have.

The problems I have with fried chicken:

1- it makes a HUGE mess and 2- it makes my ass HUGE too…

So fried chicken will remain a poor food choice made ad hoc, whether at Ad Hoc or not.